Nick the robot - Update 1.1

In theUpdate 1.1  we remove bugs and glitches to make the game better.

1.The glitch was fixed where you could put on the mask and look at the camera at the same time

2.The glitch has been fixed that if you fix the error in office, nick jumpscared you

3.The game was to hard we gave the errors more time to spawn nick, but Therefore we made the night longer.

Added new Features

1. When you beat the first night, you get a star in the menu, and unlock The extras menu

2.In the Extras menu You can play the Hardcore mode, When you this mode beat, You get A second star in the menu to show it your friends and other.

Have fun by playing. Enreeper_Games


Nick the Robot.exe 98 MB
Jul 23, 2017

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